New Features and Enhancements for April

Below is a list of our newest enhancements and features.


  • Additional Description Field
    • Most CPT/HCPCS codes end in “99” which means they are unspecified codes and they requires an additional description in order for most insurances to process and make the payment. In our system, if the code entered ends in “99”, our system will add an additional description field in the billing tab in a patient’s appointment.


  • Autofill/Persistent Templates
    • You can make a template persistent such that any information entered into your template will be automatically carried to future similar visit templates when the clinical note is not locked.


  • Primary Care Phycians

    • Our system shows the primary care physician information in the real time eligibility detail screen.
  • Cancel Appointments via OnPatient

    • Patients can now cancel appointments via OnPatient.


  • Diagnosis Code Pointers Validation
    • If you enter an invalid diagnosis pointer, our system will automatically change the pointer to 0 and present an error message, “Invalid Diagnosis Pointer”.

  • Remark Code

    •  You can select “remark code”, which is based on details received on the EOB and acts on various codes.
  • Patient Statement

    • Generate the statement with up to date balance.


  • Export Productivity Report** **

    • You have an option to export the productivity report in .csv format now.
  • Batch Transaction – Insurance Payment Posting

    •  Instead of adding a line item for each transaction, you can post multiple insurance transactions for a code by adding a batch transaction. You can post multiple insurance transactions for a code by adding a batch transaction instead of adding a line item for each transaction.