New Macbook for your Medical Practice

At their Spring Forward event on March 9, Apple unveiled a newly redesigned laptop, the Macbook. The new Macbook offers a glimpse into the future of personal and professional computing.

The new Macbook has been completely redesigned to create a notebook that weighs only two pounds and measures 13.1mm thick, lighter and thinner than the Macbook Air. It also comes with a 12” retina display, the thinnest display ever used on a Mac. Additionally, it only has two ports; one for a headphone jack and a universal USB Type-C port. This port is much more versatile than the previously used USB Type-A; it enables you to transfer data, hook up to external displays, charge other devices and charge the Macbook itself. The port is also reversible like the lightning cable, so you’ll never have to force anything in upside down.

The new Macbook is easier to use with an all-new Force Trackpad and keyboard. The new trackpad is pressure sensitive, allowing it to tell the difference between a tap and a click. It also has four sensors, which means you can click anywhere on the trackpad rather than having to click near the bottom like you would on the traditional trackpad. Additionally, Apple has redesigned its keyboard. The size of each key is slightly bigger and the space between each key is smaller, which improves accuracy when typing.

Along with all these new features, you are able to not only do more with your Macbook, but also do it for longer. The new Macbook has an all-day battery life which allows 35% more battery capacity and consumes 30% less energy with the same brightness.

The Macbook provides a means to succeed in all areas and expertise, specifically the medical field. At drchrono, we encourage our customers to stay on top of the latest technology trends; with a newly designed user experience, the Macbook enables healthcare professionals using our platform to be organized, efficient and effective in their medical practices.


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  <em>Article by <a title="Sabeen Kidwai" href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">Sabeen Kidwai</a>, Marketing, <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">drchrono</a></em>