December 2014: New Features List

Below is a list of our newest features and enhancements:


  • When a patient makes a payment via check, this payment type will be reflected on the printed receipt.



  • In the advanced report, a provider can now export an appointment’s exam room information into a spreadsheet.


  • A provider can now export their patient statement list into a spreadsheet (CSV).

  • Our system will show you which insurance a claim was crossed over for within the “coordination of benefits” in the live claims feed.
  • In the live claims feed, a provider can now enter hospitalization information, including admission and discharge date, for the appointments scheduled in the office under facility code 24.
  • Our system now allows providers to submit zero dollar claims, after they have already been paid globally for a surgical procedure, just to indicate the service to insurance.


  • When providers update their profile picture in their account, the patients will see the update in their patient portal.