November 2014: New Features List

** **Below is a list of our newest features and enhancements:


  • When the provider has multiple patients with similar names or email addresses, a new field for date of birth helps you identify the correct patient when scheduling appointments.

** **Clinical

  • When creating or customizing your templates, you can easily copy the fields from one template to another template or within the template using the clipboard.

** **Billing

  • Timely Filing Warning: You can set up a timely filing limit for each of your insurance claims. Our system will show you a warning in the live claims feed if the claim is about to cross or has crossed the filing limit.
  • In the live claims feed, you can view when a claim was submitted electronically to insurance the first and last time.

Message Center:

  • When you assign a task to another staff or provider, our system will show them an unread message. This allows them to keep track of which tasks they have completed and which still need to be done.


  • When setting up a fax cover sheet, you can choose whether the practice group or provider name shows up on the sheet.