Host Company Highlight: City of Palo Alto, Instart Logic and DrChrono

City of Palo Alto

NewCo connects with the mayor’s office in every city on the global tour. Our festival, with access to leaders in their native environments as a core principle, is a perfect medium for furthering the public-private partnership that is so important to the success of a modern city. In each city on the NewCo tour we ask the mayor to speak at the VIP kickoff reception, and we often include city hall in our list of organizations hosting sessions in the ensuing days of the festival. Palo Alto is the epicenter of our inaugural Silicon Valley festival, so in July of this year John Battelle (NewCo founder) and I met with Palo Alto Mayor Shepherd and her senior team at Palo Alto City Hall. We emerged from the meeting with a strong connection between NewCo and the City of Palo Alto.

If you are attending the VIP kickoff reception on the evening of 10/21, you will have a chance to hear from Mayor Shepherd herself, as she will be providing opening remarks. James Keene, CEO/City Manager, will lead the city’s NewCo session at 10am on 10/22. Palo Alto has long been known as a cradle of tech startups, some might even call Palo Alto the “birthplace of Silicon Valley”. It is also graced with proximity to another cradle of innovation, Stanford University. The City is constantly evolving and morphing to keep its competitive edge. With the high cost of living and doing business in Palo Alto there are serious challenges for city leaders if they care to continue to be an incubator of business. I am personally looking forward to hearing from James Keene. James has bitten off a huge chunk of a topic: “American government at a crossroads”. My gut feeling is that James is just the right guy to provide a classic, future-looking NewCo session that will leave attendees with a greater appreciation of the importance of a forward-thinking government as a key partner in the innovation economy.

Instart Logic

First of all, when your startup is funded by greats such as Andreessen Horowitz, Greylock Partners and Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, you know you are hot on the trail of transformative technology. Instart Logic takes a brash perspective, proclaiming that Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) are obsolete. Instart Logic’s innovation is likely to disrupt an entrenched leader in this space and we are excited to be on the sidelines to watch it all go down.

Even if you are not up to speed on the uber-technology that drives delivery of content to devices, this session will be eye-opening. Don’t you want to get on the inside and see, hear and feel the energy of an assertive startup such as Instart Logic? CEO Manav Mital will lead Instart Logic’s NewCo session at 4pm on 10/22 in Palo Alto.


Patient data is easily accessible to healthcare providers, right? Wrong. We’ve got a long way to go to improve healthcare in the U.S. and, frankly, the world. NewCo has partnered with a number of health startups on our global tour, including drchrono in Mountain View. One of the most important missing pieces in high quality healthcare is easily accessible patient data. Those of us who work in advertising, internet or mobile related industries take good data for granted. The healthcare industry is behind, but thankfully there are firms like drchrono that are working to answer the call for better technology.

Drchrono is an electronic health record (EHR) platform for physicians and patients, was the first health company to develop for Google Glass and has a beautiful UX on the iPad. Join CEO Michael Nusimow and co-founder Daniel Kivatinos of drchrono for an informative dialogue around their approach to innovation, product development, hiring talent and growth at their headquarters in Mountain View on 10/23 at 12:30pm.