Save Time with Medical Macro’s on iPad EHR

Within the drchrono platform there is something called a “macro“, we have all different ways to leverage macro’s.

For iPad macro’s, please read on if you haven’t set them up within drchrono yet, I’ll be going over how to use these macro’s in future posts for the Web side of the EHR in clinical notes, the focus of this post is just on iPad.

If you are looking for resources on other alternatives for macro’s, here are a few posts that I have written –

  • iPhone Macro’s
  • Mac & PC Macro’s Software
  • Again we also have macro’s within the web side of drchrono, I’ll be going over that in a future post

Ok onto macro buttons, macro buttons within drchrono are an amazing feature. You can set them up within the web side of drchrono. To do this please go to the macros setting page to setup all of your macro’s –


Definition: A medical iPad macro is a button added to the top of the iPad EHR keyboard that will allow a physician or staff member to press that one button and any free text field within the iPad where that button is pressed, that macro is placed. So for example you can designate the iPad button to display the text “Suture”, once pressed that text that you have setup will be placed into the text field on iPad for example text like “Surgical suture used on patient Daniel Kivatinos. Dissolving thread used. Date of suture Aug 11, 2014.

Our macro’s for iPad can be smart and insert a patients and other fields in as well. The fields we currently have that can be placed into iPad sentences are

We plan on adding more and more variable fields as we progress but these are the current fields. Below you can see the macro keyboard add on above the normal keyboard. I pressed a light blue button and inside of the yellow notepad the text below was into the yellow notepad on iPad, this all becomes part of the clinical note.

The great thing about setting up macros on iPad is they persist and you can use them on the web side of drchrono as well.

Here is a real time video demonstration of iPad EHR macro’s as well –

Save time and start using macros more!