EHR Healthcare API Updated!

Many of our users have requested a number of data points be accessible via API, we are proud to announce the latest version of our API!

( If you haven’t signed up for the drchrono API you can do so here. All of our documentation can be found here. Also please keep up to date with updates on our API at the drchrono API Google Group.)

The new API changes and accessible data points are below:

New resources:


Appointment profiles function as a set of defaults for an appointment. They

contain a colorreason, and duration which would be copied to the

appointment on creation. These can be overridden.


Appointment templates are recurring placeholders on the calendar. When creating

an appointment, specifying a valid template forcefully overrides the duration,

scheduled_time, and all the fields of the associated appointment profile.


Reminder profiles are a template for appointment reminders. The embedded

reminders are given in relative times.

Changes to existing resources:



No changes.





No changes.

Other changes:


This QuerySet like class uses getAllAppointmentsInTimeRange to get the appointment list, which means that this new API version handles recurring appointments exactly as the calendar does (i.e. correctly).