Stay Current on your EHR

Many of our users always ask the question –

How do I keep up to date on drchrono, updates, enhancements, training and upgrades.

Well here are a few tips on how to stay current on drchrono.

The Light Blub

When logged onto the website of drchrono take note of the little light bulb on the upper right hand corner, click it and you will find that is where we post many articles on updates about the software. After you click on all of the notifications, that light blub does not glow anymore. We recommend you look at all of the updates that are posted there.

YouTube Page

We post many many training videos on our YouTube page, I recommend watching 10 minutes a day of videos, if you do that you will not only keep up to date on what is coming out on the platform but you will also become a super user of drchrono! I recommend clicking the subscribe button to stay up to date.


Knowledge Base

Another amazing way to keep up to date is to stay current on our knowledge base Here there are categories where you can lookup information on drchrono to see what the current platform can do.


The Blog

The drchrono blog and the Light Bulb are one in the same except the light bulb only shows you updates about the software, not other interesting things that might be helpful to you. We do recommend going to the blog when you have time to look through any of the articles and if they might be important to your practice. You can find the company blog at

Server Status

You can check out how well we are doing in terms of providing uptime and in terms of giving updates and upgrades on the status page, this page only shows information about the servers and the health of the drchrono. When you can’t get to first see if you can do a google search, then if you can, check our status page about hardware upgrades and the like, I highly recommend entering your cell number in to get text updates about the servers and info around drchrono software updates. Our status page can be found here:


What to Build Next

Ok the last thing I am going to talk about is the what to “build” next voting page, this is a place where all of the doctors who want to vote on what is build next can go and literally vote on what gets built next. You can enter new requests as well that other doctors can see and vote up as well. You only get a certain number of votes so pick wisely! Once the voted feature is completed your vote is given back to you to vote on another feature. Go here to see what other doctors are voting on: