How to Scan Paper Medical Records

Fujitsu Scansnap S1500M scanner for the Mac (or Windows) is 20 ppm – Blazing fast with 50 sheet feeder capacity. Fast scanning of documents, get rid of old paper medical records with this machine! It’s truly quick and has a 600×600 mode for scanning photos as well.

I generally only recommend hardware that I would buy myself, this isn’t a paid advertisement, we have purchased a number of these scanners at drchrono and use them on a regularly. It it is small, light, fast and does a great amount of scanning, one of the best scanners I have seen on the market. Yes you can get a bigger and better scanner, but this is a great model for a small to mid sized medical practice that wants to invest in something that just works, but it isn’t cheap, it is a bit pricy but well worth it.

Some of the specs:

  1. Compact Color Duplex Scanner for Mac OS or PC, can both sides of a page!
  2. One button searchable PDF creation
  3. Intelligent paper feed detection
  4. Blazing 20ppm color scanning
  5. 50-page Automatic Document Feeder (ADF)

You can purchase on of these scanners at Amazon.


I was talking the other day to a successful doctor who made the transition from paper to digital moving to drchrono, he told me he would look ahead 7 days and have the staff only scan those patients paper charts in for the week. All of the patients that were coming in for next week would be digitized and moved into drchrono. So for example, if you are seeing ~30 patients a day, that would be around 210 medical records pulled in per week. The doctor I spoke to has been using drchrono for many years and he told me after the first year all active patients are now scanned in. That doctor went live in ONE day!

So instead of having someone scan all of the medical records in before starting to use drchrono, you can jump right in and start using drchrono right away using this technique.