iPad Mic & Medical Speech to Text

A few of doctors and practitioners asked me recently,

Where is the mic on my iPad? I want medical speech to text to be as accurate as it can be.

Let me just start off saying the mic in the medical field is a critical tool in a physicians tool box. Recording video, audio, talking into a device for medical speech to text is becoming more and more important as physicians move about.

On the iPad Air there are two mic’s, not just one so you have dual mics! The reason behind this is for better accuracy. The iPad Air can tell where you are, because of the two mics. The mice also work together to capture your voice but also suppresses audio you aren’t focused on. So our medical speech to text is even more actuate. Of course FaceTime and Siri are crisp as well, not to mention better Video recordings sound clearer.


 Ok onto the iPad Mini (2nd generation), it is actually the same as the iPad Air, it also has two mic’s! So either the iPad Air or iPad Mini (2nd generation) is highly recommended! Two additional  really great things about the iPad Air and iPad Mini also is that they both have retina display and even more battery life.


Check out Surinder Saini MD, Gastroenterology using iPad medical speech to textin action!

Every phone and tablet is different you should learn as much about your mic as you can! Also remember you can go to your local Apple store to ask about your specific iPad, iPhone or iPod touch and see how to use your mic best.