DrChrono EHR Review

Founded in 2009, DrChrono seeks to provide an “ all-in-one solution” for healthcare providers by offering an intuitive, useful, inexpensive application. The goal is to provide an EHR platform with billing, patient information, scheduling, reminders, and more in an easy-to-use solution where users do not have to be technologically advanced to use it. With a main office in Silicon Valley, California, it seems that DrChrono is continuing to accomplish that goal.

First impressions

The  DrChrono iPad EHR system is very vibrant at first glance. After reviewing and testing the application I found that it is, in fact, not only vibrant but quite impressive as well.

Creating an account requires minimal information and singing in is as simple as entering a username and password or a PIN. The 4-digit PIN is automatically generated by the iPad app and makes the sign-in process much quicker.

Although it did take a while to move through the entire application to see and review its full potential, it did not seem cumbersome, confusing, or difficult.

Pricing & Availability

Users can access the DrChrono application on the Internet from a common Web browser at www.DrChrono.com. However, the main iPad EHR application is meant to be used on an iPad running iOS 7 or later. An iPhone application is also available.

Asclepius is the free plan which includes 5 clinical forms, 3 staff accounts, 50 email reminders per month, 10 custom macro buttons, and 20 HCFA 1500.

Other plans are available on a month-to-month or one-year basis. The features with limited amounts in the Asclepius plan are unlimited for the following:

  • Prometheus: $179/mo. or $149/yr. Includes all of the above plus text/phone reminders, billing profiles, a scheduling widget, and more.
  • Hippocrates: $249/mo. or $209/yr. Includes all of the above plus tasks, Mayo Clinic Patient Education, insurance eligibility checks, and more.
  • Apollo: $449/mo. or $399/yr. Includes all of the above plus electronic medical billing and remittance advice, an advanced billing center, and more.
  • Apollo Plus: contact DrChrono for pricing. Includes all of the above plus medical coding review & audit, patient collections, revenue cycle management, and more.

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