Apple iOS8 + iWatch Redefining Fitness Tracking, Mobile Health

Health tracking

  • blood pressure
  • hydration levels
  • heart rate
  • potentially several other blood-related data points, for example glucose levels

Fitness monitoring

Apple plans for iOS 8 to include an application codenamed “Healthbook.” The software will be capable of monitoring and storing fitness statistics on

  • steps taken
  • calories burned
  • miles walked
  • manage and track weight loss

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook sits on Nike’s Board of Directors, I’m sure there will be some interesting integrations from Nike and Apple. I’m sure things can get more interesting with other devices such as FitBit integrations. The Healthbook app will be able to track

  • person’s blood pressure
  • hydration levels
  • heart rate
  • potentially several other blood-related data points, for example glucose levels

App interface


Apple will likely develop iOS8 with the iWatch in mind.

Sources have previously indicated that Apple’s wearable computer will have sensors to track and measure aspects of the human body. “Healthbook” could be the conduit for users to read the data that the iWatch will collect. Indeed, sources with knowledge of the iWatch’s development say that the future product is designed to be heavily reliant on the iPhone.

  • hydration
  • blood pressure
  • heart rate

iOS 8 will likely ship this year, a connection to the iWatch would seem to point to the wearable device also shipping in 2014.

The CEO of Apple told Apple employees that big plans are on the roadmap for 2014. Other people talking about Cook’s comment and Apple’s work on iOS 8, very little has been given about Apple’s plans to reveal its wearable app. Furthermore, another possibility is that iOS 8’s health functionality will be optimized for third-party health accessories in 2014 and Apple’s own hardware in future years.

There are so many devices out there for iOS currently and merging them in would be amazing.

  • blood pressure monitors
  • body weight scales
  • pedometers
  • heart rate monitors
  • fitness bands
  • glucose meters

Apple promotes these products in its online and retail stores. “Healthbook” could be a link for all of this new medical hardware.

The New Apple Medical Team

In 2014, Apple added Ravi Narasimhan from general medical devices firm Vital Connect and Nancy Dougherty from startup Sano Intelligence to its iWatch dev group. Apple also hired Michael O’Reilly, a former executive at Masimo Corporation who worked on noninvasive pulse sensors.

Apple VP of Technology Kevin Lynch, hardware executive Bob Mansfield, and senior hardware engineering manager James Foster are also said to be key players in iWatch.