ICD-9 2014 and HCPCS 2014 Codes

If you are using drchrono, the answer is yes. We have updated the ICD-9 and HCPCS codes for 2014 within the drchrono platform. The best way to find these codes is to simply look them up when entering codes during patient encounters on the patient schedule, they will be there!

We will be ready for ICD-10 when it comes out. But for your practice and for drchrono we have time to prepare since we have 12+ months to prepare. We will keep you posted as we make progress and all of us get ready for the bigger update to ICD-10. The deadline for ICD-10 has been pushed back repeatedly to date so there might be even more delays.

When we do move to ICD-10 we will make the transition as easy as possible for our users with regards to our interfaces within the drchrono platform. There will be a change so healthcare administration should get ready in understanding the transition when it comes. 

Don’t forget to down the quick lookup ICD9 + HCPCS app from drchrono for your medical codes as well!