Healthcare API & App Store

This article was written by Daniel Kivatinos and Sohaib Shaikh.

a common data store, on top of which a thousand flowers(or apps) can bloom, is the ideal situation to the health information system ‘ecosystem’.This will allow new ideas and innovations to flourish, while insuring that interoperable data will be accessible by all apps that have appropriate and authorized access. It will ensure competition and a healthy marketplace to bring about the best in health information technology.

drchrono is looking to become this “data store” that will finally allow innovation to flourish in healthcare industry, a place where regulations have served as the biggest barrier to innovation.

Now developers can be a part of improving the lives of patients.

Dr. Thomas Ross, President and CEO of Critical Medical Solutions, Inc. mentions

We were very impressed that because of drchrono’s API, we are now able to easily integrate our MedXT program with drchrono’s EHR platform and have all of our important patient information centralized in one database. As doctors, we need access to previous studies, patient histories and cases to create a continuity of care for the patient and to mitigate risk. Through drchrono and MedXT we are able to now do that in a very efficient manner and also greatly improve our digital workflow. The electronic management of healthcare data is the future, and we feel we’re a big step ahead by working with drchrono and MedXT.

Physicians are now looking to suggest mobile health applications as a part of a patient’s treatment plan. Just as physicians are able to prescribe drugs within drchrono physicians could even prescribe mobile medicine to a patient and easily give instructions for those applications via the drchrono platform. With one click of a button we would not only be able to to make life easier for physicians and patients, but also revolutionize patient-physician interaction. It’s time now for the developer community to become a part of a long-waited technical innovation in the healthcare industry.

In addition the best approved apps will be released into the drchrono App Store.