Free Medical Faxing of Patient Referrals

The drchrono platform now offers free outbound referral faxing to all customers! You can now include complete clinical notes, scanned and uploaded documents, and high resolution imagery in referrals without losing precious detail when sending over a low-quality (low DPI) fax line. To send a referral through the drchrono EHR:

  1. Select “Send Referral” under the “Patients” menu
  2. Find your patient you wish to refer and click their name
  3. Select the recipient in the upper right corner; you can add new contacts if you have not already done so
  4. Type any specific instructions you wish to include
  5. Select which full clinical notes and documents to include
  6. Click Send!

The referred practitioner will receive a 1 page fax with simple instructions on how to retrieve the digital referral file.

The downloaded referral is not downsampled or converted to greyscale. Your free draw images, radiology images, clinical notes, etc will be in their original color and resolution. Best of all, you and the referred doctor save money by avoiding paying faxing fees for referral documents that can number in the hundreds of pages. Most practices now scan incoming faxes, so you save the referred doctor time and money, too.