Announcing DrChrono EHR iOS 7 iPad App Release!

Yesterday, Apple officially launched iOS 7 to the world where it was downloaded by millions of users in the first day. Heralded as “the perfect balance of ‘new’ and ‘now’” by Fox News, iOS 7 brings some phenomenal new changes to your iPhone and iPad – going much more than skin deep.

And so it is with great pride that we at drchrono are proud to announce the release of our iOS 7-compatible EHR app!

When you open the redesigned iOS 7 iPad app, you’ll immediately notice the more minimalistic design – keeping in line with the new aesthetic of iOS 7. The interface has been simplified in an effort to not only reduce cluttered screens, but make your life easier.

Moving beyond the design changes, there are 3 brand new features that we’re incredibly excited about:

  • Air Drop – Now Providers can instantly and wirelessly share documents to any other iOS-enabled device. So be it to another Provider, to your patient, or even to family members in the waiting room, you can now securely share documents, photos, and more. This is a definite game changer – just imagine how secure, wireless one-touch document transfer could transform the medical field moving forward.
  • Background Loading – Not as flashy as document transfers, drchrono will now recognize your usage patterns and begin preloading your patient files beforehand. This way you no longer have to wait for documents to load – they’re already there. So you only have to worry about your patients, not about drchrono.
  • Parallax – To view this in action, see the screenshot below. This really makes your whole experience pop – now what you see on the login screen interacts with how you move your ipad. As you move, the image shifts too. We’ve only just begun to scratch the surface with this technology and we’re excited to move forward with it in the future.

As you try out our app you’ll notice enhancements here and there, but it’s still the same drchrono you’ve come to know and love. Definitely keep an eye out for the new notifications and simplified eRx interface – you’re going to enjoy them.

Check out some more screenshots below and please view our new iOS 7 walkthrough video! As always we welcome your feedback and would love to hear your thoughts on our newest iPad release.

Here are some iOS 7 videos on how some of these features work –

  • Your EHR just got better, it’s on iOS7
  • iOS 7 Hands-on Review and how it works in healthcare
  • iOS 7 AirDrop Your EHR – A Quick Review
  • How does Background Loading work in iOS 7 & iPad EHR
  • Your iOS 7 medical records and Parallax

-The drchrono Team