Box Healthcare Conference


Box Healthcare Conference


I had a chance to show off the drchrono box integration at the very first Box Healthcare Conference. It happened this month. It was great showing CIOs, COO, and physicians what drchrono and box can do. Using box and drchrono a doctor has the full power of the cloud in their hands using box for general storage and drchrono for an EHR and practice management platform. Other great companies like the Y Combinator funded DICOM company clariso presented. The Rock Health accelerator team was there as well talking about how they are funding and helping healthcare companies in healthcare.


“The Healthcare IT Guy” or Shahid Shah came to talk about to tackling many issues in the healthcare space. Shahid is a key figure in the ONC’s Meaningful Use. He focused on the cloud talking about how it is more secure. He mentioned that healthcare groups and organizations need to view security in a different light, it is something that is ever evolving like the healthcare system.


Understanding the needs of doctors and listening to a few of physicians talk about how bad it is in medical settings let the box, drchrono and everyone there know are doing something to help doctors move from paper to something digital.


At the presentation we showed off our latest deeper integration with box. We showed off that we have pushed the limit in the mobile space. We are now allowing doctors to store data from an iPad into a box account. This is how it works –

Here is a video as well on how our mobile integration with box works.

In summary, it is now easy for a doctor to start to leverage the cloud more then ever before.

To setup box, here is a quick video on how to use it

Here is how to auto-sync a doctor to box

Here is a live video as well on drchrono demoing out box at the Healthcare Think Tank Conference

If you need help getting box setup on your box account, go here.