Google Glass Healthcare in Your Electronic Health Records

Check out how Google Glass works within drchrono


drchrono was started with a focus on mobile healthcare. When the team endeavored to create the best mobile experience we first built on iPad. It only made sense, the screen was a good size where physicians can see and show lots of medical data points. The iPad is leading strong with no real tablet competition. iPad was and will be drchrono’s focus for a long time, yet from time to time our team looks out to see how we can expand and push the boundaries of innovation. This brings us to Google Glass. Google Glass has some of the amazing hardware features we look for when developing, it is an amazing piece of hardware that changes the way a medical professional can see, literally. Having not only an iPad in hand, imagine if a physician can see more data without picking up a device. Google Glass is just that, Glass is a head set frame a doctor can wear, basically like glasses and can see data points from the side of the glasses. Visual tools are part of our future, building on the right hardware only makes sense.

We have put together a few designs here on how we might be leveraging Google Glass in the near future.