Medical iPad Mini EMR Review

Yes the iPad Mini is out. The drchrono team got our first batch to give to the team and all I have to say is wow. The form factor is amazing, it is amazingly light weight and feels as light as an iPhone or iPod touch. We have tested everything and made sure that everything is working. Everything about the iPad Mini is amazing, from the size, to the weight. One thing to note is that the iPad Mini does not come in retena display, so if your looking for the higher quilty visuals you might want to consider the larger iPad. That being said, I think getting an iPad Mini is well worth the money. The base model costing around $329.00 dollars. We do recommend the at&t, Sprint or Verizon models, simply because they give redundant internet if your Wi-Fi is down. The weight of the Wi-Fi model is 0.68 pound and the Cell models are 0.69 pound, almost no difference. The iPhone 4s is 0.31 pound, so you get an idea out light it is. For more detailed specs you can go to the apple website.

There is also a limit of two per customer, so if you want to buy them in bulk it is hard right now because of the high demand.

Check out some stunning images below of our app working on an iPad Mini


Here is a video review of the app in action as well.


My personal preference is the iPad Mini after getting one, they are so light weight you don’t even know you are carrying it.