iPad Medical Speech to Text & Macros


We just made the drchrono iPad EHR just a little better. We now have iPad medical speech to text everywhere you see the keyboard.

Not only did we enhance the iPad medical speech-to-text but we also enhanced the iPad macro buttons. Marco buttons are accessible everywhere a physician can access the keyboard.

Try to use medical speech to text in a place you have never used it before within the the iPad EHR app. We optimized the app so that it works even better then before. There is even a way to show and hit the macro buttons so they don’t clutter your screen when you want to see more and not have them clutter your work area.

See more in this video –


If you don’t know what iPad marco buttons are, they are buttons that insert text into a text field for you, maybe you insert a name, date, time, or a paragraph of text. You can build out as many macro buttons as needed. These are here to help you type less and spend more time doing other things. Take a look at this video to get an idea on how they work if you haven’t used them before –