Update: Create Custom Patient Demographics!

You can now create your own custom demographics for your patients! In the Account tab,  select ” Custom Patient Demographics.”

In this new screen, you will select “Add New Field.” The page will then prompt you to add the name and description of the field you are creating. It will show you how many records you have of this field, the date created, who created it, and when it was updated. You can also Archive the field if you decide that it is not longer relevant to your practice.

You can also  conveniently insert custom patient demographics in your clinical notes or templates using the “Template Name” field. For example, with a custom patient demographic entitled “Veteran” with Template Name “veteran_status”, insert “{{cpd_veteran_status}}” into the generated text for that field.

While customizing clinical note you should always prepend “cpd_” to the Template Name, which denotes this value is a custom patient demographic.

The custom demographics will also .print out on the pdf of the patient demographics.

We hope this makes keeping track of your patient’s demographics easier! Please contact support@drchrono.com if you have any questions!