Update: Appointment Profiles!

We’ve added the highly sought after “Appointment Profiles!” You can now create and assign appointment profiles to individual patients. To do this, first select “Appointment Profiles” from the “Schedule” tab.

From here, you’ll be able to create multiple Appointment Profiles. On this page, you can name your profile, select the color you want associated with it, choose the duration of the exam, type in the reason for visit, and even select a billing profile. Select the green plus sign to the right of the Profile to save it to your Appointment Profiles list.

Choose the pencil icon next to the Appointment Profile to edit any of the fields, and select the red x to archive the profile. You can move the Appointment Profile out of the archived section by selecting “Unarchive.” Once you’ve set up your Appointment Profiles, you can then choose them from your Appointment Window.

In the Appointment Window, you can now select the Appointment Profile from the drop down list. The Reason for Visit, color, and duration of the appointment will change and reflect the Appointment Profile that is chosen. The Billing Profile associated with the Appointment Profile will automatically add the ICD-9s and CPTs associated with it to the billing screen.

Please contact support@drchrono.com if you have any questions!