Healthcare is Product Design at its Best

Designing a winning product is difficult. From the definition of Product Design, a successful product entails more than the product and its customers, but also its market analysis, concept definition, and effective implementation. With social media on the rise, personality and storytelling is becoming more integrated in the life of a product. However, there is one thing about product design when it is being applied in the healthcare industry that defines its success: the users.

Either it is a prosthetic, a health app, or a drug, healthcare products have the biggest impact because they affect the patient’s heath. We are gambling with life itself, how more personal can this get?

Customization: You Are My Whole World

Since every person is designed differently, the design of the healthcare product will ultimately go to the trend of personalized medicine. Once we know enough about the different diseases (think DNA and 23andme) and how it affects every individual differently, we will be able to design customizable solutions without the downside effects of costs associated with avoiding economies of scale. The problem is knowledge, not cost.

Success is the Only Option

When you are designing something that could ultimately save someone’s life, outmost performance and effectiveness is the only option. User testing and feedback are all essential, but design will no longer reside in the individual taste of each user, but in whether it works for that patient or not. Here at drchrono, we are making effective design happen for our physicians as well as for their patients.

To show you what we mean with this, here is an inspiring video of little Emma, a 4-year old girl’s life being changed by 3D printed prosthetics:


**Stratasys **was founded by S. Scott Crump and his wife Lisa Crump, is a company that manufactures additive fabrication machines for direct digital manufacturing, 3D printing and rapid prototyping. In 2007, Stratasys supplied 44% of all additive fabrication systems installed worldwide, making it the unit market leader for the sixth consecutive years