Update: Supervising Provider Signatures on Clinical Notes

We’ve added additional functionality to practice groups! You can now specify whether a provider is a “supervisor” that can sign other provider’s notes or if the provider needs a “supervising provider” to sign off on their notes. A supervising provider must sign off on all Rendering Provider’s clinical notes for electronic medical billing.

Contact support@drchrono.com to activate Supervising Providers/Rendering Providers for your practice.

Once each provider has been designated as a “Rendering Provider”- Supervising signature required, or a “Supervising Provider,” you then complete your Clinical Notes as usual on your EHR, lock the note, and then go to your Clinical Notes section on the web platform to see the signatures on each note.

On the Clinical Notes page, you’ll see all of your Complete Notes. You can filter by the date in the upper right hand corner. Here, you’ll see if the note has been locked by the Rendering or Supervising Provider.

Here, the note has been locked by both the Rendering and Supervising Provider. Once the Rendering Provider has signed and locked the note (either on the iPad or web platform,) the Supervising Provider can select “no” in the “Supervising Signed Off” section.

The Supervising Provider will then be able to select “Sign and lock this note.”

After signing, the Supervising Provider’s name will appear in the “Supervising Signed Off” section. The Supervisor can always sign both sections of the note, or for their own patients, the “Supervising Signed Off” section will show as “not needed.”

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Practice groups, we hope this makes signing your Clinical Notes a lot easier! As usual, please let us know if you have any questions!