Update: Appointment Status!

We’ve updated our Appointment Scheduling tab! When making or editing a patient’s appointment, you can now select and change the Appointment Status.

Available Appointment Statuses are:

If the Appointment Status is selected as either Rescheduled, Cancelled, or No Show, the billing status will be locked. You will be unable to change the Billing Status until you’ve changed the Appointment Status to another option.

The Billing Status is still located in the Billing tab.

Notes about the new Appointment Status on the iPad:

  • Billing Status is still called “Appointment Status”
  • Billing Status cannot be unlocked from the iPad once set to “Rescheduled”, “No Show” or “Cancelled”, but it can be unlocked from the web by changing the Appointment Status in the appointment window.

These will be fixed in the next update to our EHR. Please let us know if you have any questions at support@drchrono.com!