Meet the Healthcare Team at drchrono!

CJ’s passion for healthcare stems from growing up in and around her father’s dermatology office. After living in Argentina, Guatemala, and Taiwan, she decided to settle in San Francisco and influence important changes to our healthcare system. When she’s not touting the latest and greatest features drchrono has to offer, you can find her hitting up  local music venues and Bikram yoga studios.

What exactly is a Product Evangelist?

Guy Kawasaki said it best in his blog post:

“Evangelist” isn’t simply a job title. It’s a way of life. It means that the evangelist totally loves the product and sees it as a way to bring the “good news.” A love of the cause is the second most important determinant of the success of an evangelist—second only to the quality of the cause itself. No matter how great the person, if he doesn’t love the cause, he cannot be a good evangelist for it.”

Here at drchrono, we’re lucky to have an Evangelist like CJ: a phenomenal person that truly believes drchrono is at the forefront of changes to our healthcare system. Contact her at to experience all the great features drchrono has to offer.