Back to the Future: Predicting the Future of Healthcare (Part II)

From our previous post, now let’s go back to the future. This time to 2011. At the 2011 TEDxMaastricht, Daniel Kraft gave a great speech in which he shows us an overview of the emerging trends and technologies which are going to play a great role in how medicine develops in the coming decades. In fact, many of these technologies are already here.

Mobile platforms, 24 hour at home monitoring, artificial intelligence, social networking, massive data collection, crowd-sourcing are all technologies destined to change the way we see medicine. With $4.5 trillion spent on healthcare worldwide, and $2.2 trillion spent on medicine in the United States alone, there’s a huge incentive to make the industry faster, smarter, and more efficient. Here at drchrono, we are building a platform for those convergent technologies, paving the way to the future of healthcare.


Daniel Kraft, M.D. is an NIH funded faculty member affiliated with Stanford. He was on clinical faculty with the UCSF pediatric bone marrow transplantation service and serves as the medicine track chair for Singularity University where he is also executive director for the FutureMed executive program.