Healthcare Physicians WWDC 2012 Update

What is WWDC? Well, it is the conference that Apple holds for Apple developers from all over the world. This conference is amazingly important to the drchrono team. Every time this conference happens Apple shows off amazing software and hardware upgrades. We look, see and think about what we will be leveraging this hardware and software over the next year. You see, Apple creates the world the best hardware, and it our job to leverage that hardware for our physician community.

Some notes from todays keynotes below.

MacBooks / OS X:

  • Apple announces refreshed MacBook Air with Ivy Bridge processor, USB 3
  • Apple unveils new MacBook Pro with Ivy Bridge
  • Apple announces next-gen MacBook Pro with Retina display, ships today
  • Retina display in a MacBook offers 220ppi with 2880 x 1800 resolution
  • Next-generation MacBook Pro eyes-on
  • 26 million copies of Lion sold, 66 million Mac users
  • Dictation coming to Mountain Lion
  • Apple introduces Power Nap
  • New features for Safari: unified search, multi-device syncing and more
  • New AirPort Express with simultaneous dual-band WiFi
  • Mountain Lion arrives next month, priced at $20


  • Apple unveils iOS 6
  • 365 million iOS devices, 140 million iMessage users
  • Siri comes to new iPad
  • iOS 6 offers Do Not Disturb feature
  • FaceTime goes cellular
  • New iPad Smart Cases cover both sides

The drchrono team is at WWDC this whole week.

Interested in viewing the whole keynote? You can go here to watch it.