healthcare + physicians + iPhone 5


Generally Apple releases iPhones on a 12-month launch cycle. So when will the iPhone 5 most likely come out? Our guess at drchrono is next fall around September or October. That being said if you are waiting for the next iPhone to come out, we recommend you spring for the iPhone 4S, unless you want to wait that 5 month period.

Last year Apple did break that 12 month cycle for a few months, so it might even be a longer wait.

Why even think about the iPhone 5? There is some amazing speculation about what Apple has in the works for the iPhone 5.

Listed below are some of the possible suggestions that would directly impact a physicians decision to wait to purchase an iPhone 5.

1) Display Size

The iPhone currently has a 3.5-inch touch display. How big the iPhone 5 display be? According to many sources on the web, it will be bigger, maybe a whopping 4 inches diagonally, more screen space will help any physician at work. So that is something that alone is worth upgrading for.

2) Much Faster

Indeed, having a fast responsive phone is critical in any medical setting. It is highly likely  a faster processor will be in the next iPhone, the current processor in the iPhone 4S, the current chip is called the A5, most likely that will be updated to an A6 which will be super speedy.

3) Longer, Maybe

There is a change the iPhone 5 will be longer, than the current iPhones and having close to a 16:9 aspect ratio. Screen resolution will go upto 1136-by-640 pixels, the current iPhones have a 960-by-640 screen currently. The longer iPhone with a 4-inch screen will add extra pixels, this could add a fifth row of icons to the home screen. Again the size change would be helpful to physicians.  Lots of reports mention that the next iPhone will again have the straight-back like the iPhone 4 & 4S.