Klout and Healthcare: How to get a High Medical Rating

Is your Klout score lower than you want it to be? Or are you just getting started and want some tips on how to raise it within the medical and healthcare rankings? Either way, we’re ready to help you out.

As Klout measures your social influence, the best way to be influential is through what you already know. Your goal should be to be influential within specific topics, while simultaneously increasing your Klout score. Your Klout score is based upon three factors: True Reach, the amount of people who spread your information; Amplification, which measures the likelihood of people to share your content; and Network, having top influencers act upon your material. Your Klout dashboard will let you know if your score has increased or decreased and which of the three factors has changed it.

To change your healthcare score, follow these tips:

First, work on building a network of healthcare and/or medical professionals. By engaging with people that are interested in your content, you’lll find that your information is shared more frequently and with purpose.

Second, share substantial healthcare information that people will want to share. What content trends quickly within your circles? Emulate those styles!

Third, frequently interact with healthcare and medical professionals in a proactive way. Become involved by asking questions, adding comments, and creating dialogues not only within your network, but with anyone involved in the healthcare or medical field. Helping to build their score will make you more of an influencer within the healthcare field!

Fourth, publish your own material on healthcare. Whether you’re sharing your voice through a blog, video, or website; you’re generating content that others can share and link back to you.

Building your Klout score will take some effort, but becoming a major influencer within the healthcare and medical field will make it well worth your time. Try these tips and let us know how much your Klout score improves!