OpenVista EMR, Can We Do Better?

Can we do better then a legacy open source EMR OpenVista?

The answer is yes. How? Looking at the history of this EMR you can see it was originally built for green screen use, over the last several years people slapped a GUI onto it. Yes it works but we can can do better.

Interface design is much more important and we need to make an EHR simple, elegant and intuitive. Hospital settings and outpatient settings are very different, Vista is an in patient EMR, the EMR is retro fit for outpatient use at times.

Think about how IKEA would make an EMR.  Simple interfaces that are a pleasure to use, that is what we at drchrono are focusing on creating. Don’t forget the elegance of iPhone and iPad use

The legacy EMRs are here and people are using them. The VA depends on Vista. Why? Because no one has made something better, well it is time to change, usability is valuable.

Why is OpenVista so supported? War. Who else would build an EHR before anyone else? The US government. They need something when our soldiers hurt. When we travel to countries that have strange diseases. OpenVista was there.

It worked we built it, it’s open source. It is ok.

Looking at stability, we tested it here at drchrono. In one hour it crashed over 4+ times running on a linux machine.