Do you know your EHR’s uptime? You should.

Depending on the EHR you go with it is important to know when your EHR is up. If you go with drchrono or some other vendor make sure that servers is up at least 99% of the time. Demand that your EHR share this information with you in some format. Click here to see drchrono’s uptime.

We at drchrono pride ourselves on uptime, giving you access to your data 24/7.

There might be a time that you can’t get to your EHR provider, the best way to check on this information is with the tools below.

If you can’t get to your cloud EHR provider, please your internets health.

  1. Check your internets upload and download speeds. Healthy?
  2. Internet Health Map, this website show the internet backbone’s of the world and the status of them. What is a backbone? Think of it as the main provider of internet in your region, if they go down, you might have connectivity issues.
  3. Internet Health Report, a report showing the status of the world’s largest Internet Service Providers and their health.
  4. Internet Traffic Report, a report showing local regions of internet and its health.
  5. Use Traceroute to check how many hops it takes to get to the drchrono platform, everything seem good?
  6. Use ping to check that the EHR service is even up. Try it.

One thing we recommend at drchrono is getting redundant backups of internet, one example is having an internet provider and getting Verizon or AT&T service on you iPads. Another alternative is to get internet from an internet provider and a Mi-Fi.

Mi-Fi’s are super cool, you can go anywhere and have internet on your laptops and iPads and other devices. Another option is to have two main internet providers, one through coaxial cable (e.g. comcast) and the other through your phone lines (e.g. AT&T).