A Farewell to Steve Jobs

As an Electronic Medical Record company, we strive to do our very best to improve the workflow of doctors.  This means helping with billing, scheduling, educating patients, making notations easier, making actions with minimal clicks, finding information on drug interactions, indications, and results faster; and making our product as simple and beautiful as possible.  There is no doubt we have this perspective largely from our own artistic personas — but, one man has always inspired each member of our team to perform at our very best.  This man is Steve Jobs.

When we started drchrono, we knew we wanted to deliver the best product to our physicians and customers.  How could we do this?  What physical hardware would be the most stable for a doctor?  The answer was the iPad.  Why?  The answer lies within Steve Jobs’ leadership and the Apple Teams’ insane dedication to creating the best product they can muster.  This is evident when you have Steve calling Vic Gundotra (a gentleman working within Google’s mobile application team, at the time) on Sunday asking him to speak about an urgent matter.  The matter was the color of the second “O” in Google’s logo not having the “right” yellow gradient on the iPhone.

When you have the CEO of one of the largest companies in the world calling about the gradient of an “O,” it’s evident that such a company is focused on the best user experience.  Apple doesn’t revolutionizing new features.  They’re rather about perfecting what they have.  They dazzle — taking today’s technology and building the best experience a user can see, hear, and touch.  The best functionality.  The most simple.  The highest level of elegance.  It’s about taking the paint in our palettes, and creating our Sistine Chapel.

We seek constant improvement.  We seek to continually iterate, change, grow, improve, enhance, minimize, until we are the best we can be — which we will never be.  It is the strive for perfection, with the understanding that we will never be perfect.  Through this, we will continually be making better and better products.  We will be continuing to make our products and services more valuable, with the lowest exertion of time and effort on our customers as possible.  This is what Steve Jobs has inspired within us.  And, it is for this reason, we bid a grand farewell and send our best to Apple’s CEO.

Thank you, Mr. Jobs!