Quicken QuickBooks EHR & EMR

Every EHR should be a QuickBooks EHR. What does this mean? All EHRs should at some point integrate with QuickBooks or at least allow doctors to export data to QuickBooks.

Quickbooks ehr

To get into the nitty gritty of it Intuit is a very supportive company, allowing developers to integrate.

(Side note: if you are a developer and want to look into integrating with QuickBooks, a great starting point on integration is http://ipp.intuit.com/ and https://ipp.developer.intuit.com/ )

We have a LARGE amount of our users voting and asking for us to integrate with QuickBooks. How do we know this? We have a “build this with us” culture. We listen to our users, our EHR platform is build from requests, features, post ideas and feedback. Every user has a vote. We want to build our electronic health record platform with our users, not just for them.


Have an idea? Or see a feature you want listed? Feel free to add it or vote for it!