Native iPad Application Lets Patients Do Own Onboarding

We are a technology company located in the heart of Silicon Valley dedicated to bringing innovative product and design to our nation’s healthcare system.

Currently we offer four points of access to our platform:

  1. Web-Based Practice Management/Billing Software found on

  2. Native EHR Application for the iPad found in the Apple App Store

  3. Native Scheduling Application for the iPhone found in the Apple App Store

  4. Native Android Scheduling Application found in the Android Market

All four of these portals work in conjunction with one another to facilitate an intuitive workflow between the doctor and their office staff.  As a doctor is on his iPad creating a set of clinical documentation and billing encounters the front desk automatically receives that data on drchrono’s Web-Based Practice Management and Billing Software.

Our OnPatient application is the next chapter in drchrono’s points of access.  We noticed that although we were doing an incredible job of making the doctor’s life easier  we were literally taking the office manager/staff’s day to day operations and turning them upside.  With this on-boarding tool the staff will no longer need to hand the patient a clipboard when they enter the waiting room.  They will be handing the patient an iPad (or they will use an iPad Kiosk). The patient will then be entering their own demographics, personal, insurance, and “custom” information forms made by each practice. They will even be signing off with a stylus feature on their HIPAA consent forms.

Our development team will be releasing this application to Apple’s App Store on Monday.  It will need to go through the arduous Apple Review Process and will be released to the public shortly after.  So, in about two weeks, you will be able to go right to the app store and download your free native patient onboarding application for your drchrono EHR, Practice Management, and Billing Software.

Thanks to the continual support and guidance from our current user base we are quickly becoming one of the most disruptive/innovative technology companies in the medical space.