Facebook EHR / EMR Schedule

At drchrono we are passionate about teaching our providers how to use social media to advance their new patient acquisition. There are tons of mediums out there that can provide free advertising for your practice including: Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, and Groupon. Every month we are going to fire off one of these blog posts with instructions on how you can use drchrono to take advantage of these opportunities! First one up is creating your own “Scheduling Application” on your Facebook Fan Page! We have a post that you can reference on our knowledge base for more information: Your Schedule on Facebook = New Patients!
The pictures outlining each step below might look small, but you can click on them to open up in full size 🙂

Step One

Go to facebook.com/developers and login with your facebook username and password. (This may require a verification of your account)

Step Two

Press Allow

Step Three

Fill in your basic information. To fill in your logo you can use the drchrono logo page found here:  
Step Four:
Fill out the drchrono.com website information.  
Step Five:
Fill out the Facebook integration information. \*** Make sure to use your own “Canvas Page Name” It can be whatever you want 🙂
Step Six:
Submit to the App Directory

Step Seven:
Load up on your fan page.