Usability is the Most Important Factor for EHR Adoption

Why is anything successful? Because people like to use it. Usability drives the doctor to pick it up because they enjoy the interface. They enjoy how they are in the driver’s seat, and it’s why people generally enjoy driving a Porsche over a Ford Taurus.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t matter as much how important EHR’s are to improve health care delivery, or to list all of the benefits of electronic storage of health information. Rambling on about $44K stimulus packages, Obamacare, electronic prescribing, immunization registries, or medication reconciliation will only get you so far.

Health care professionals desire a new approach because they all know the one they’re using now isn’t quite cutting it. They are thirsty for something innovative, easy to use, and elegantly beautiful. Usability will drive EHR growth, leaving all others variables behind.

Case in point, Kalorama Information released a study March 1st, 2011, exploring the EHR world. EHR growth is expected to increase 15% per year until 2015. Kalorama Information found in their study that it’s the usability of the EHR that will be the ultimate deciding factor in the growth market for EHR’s.

Practice management is the second biggest segment, predicted to grow at nearly 11% per year until 2015.

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