Can iCloud Help Healthcare, EHRs & EMRs?


iCloud is a service that Apple has just released. This product allows iPad, iPhone, iPod and mac users to sync data. So the main focus of this product is to allow users to sync music, documents, photos, calendars and apps across all devices, somewhat like dropbox. Dropboxs syncs data via folders.

iCloud 2

So how does this relate to healthcare? The answer is easy, the key thing I mentioned above is “App” syncing. If you download an app, for example the drchrono iPad EHR, the user, you, will be able to sync across devices. So for example if you own 5 iPads, that you use in your healthcare practice, you can sync them all. So if you drop one and lose it in the drop, no problem, all apps will be synced! This goes for your macs, etc. So you see were I am going, you can sync apps to have them on all of your devices to save you time and to give them to your staff if you wanted to. Everyone in your practice will have all of the same apps, synced. Hence, your iCloud account will sync all apps across all iPads!

So would you really want iCloud? If you own an iPhone, iPod, iPad or mac, or a multiple of them the answer is yes, you should have iCloud.