Medical App of the Week – Speak It!

Going forward I will be reviewing apps once a week.

It takes time to find the great apps simple apps in the sea of apps that are out that are actually useful.

My goal during these Medical App of the Week reviews are to “Make Doctors Entrepreneurs”, helping doctors, nurses and medical professionals learn about what apps are available to help them run their own healthcare practices through iPads and iPhones.

The iPhone / iPad app this week I would like to highlight is a simple app called “[Speak It!”

Speak It!]2

In a medical setting a doctor can look up some information on the web, cut and paste the text into Speak It! and listen to the text. It is a fast way for a health professional to learn or hear something while doing something else. Medical books can even be cut and pasted into Speak It! and the health professional can go about work and listen to something relevant when they don’t have time to read. It is what I call “an on the go” tool, saving time for the health professional.

One great thing to note about the app is the health professional can save the file as an audio file and email it to colleagues and to patients! For example a health professional wants to educate a patient on diabetes, the health professional can cut and paste some text on the subject, make the audio file within seconds and email information in audio format to a patient!

Speak It! Image 2

This is a game changing app every health profesional should have on their iPhone and iPad.