The iPad will see you now – Meet drchrono!

We’ve seen consumer gadgets being used by medical practitioners already, but an iPad app called Drchrono is taking medicine to a new level of paper-free convenience.

Drchrono is an EHR (electronic health record) app for the iPad. It allows doctors to complete everyday tasks and access information without having to turn to paper records. The information gathered and accessed through the app is also available from any Web browser, iPhone or Android device, since the app syncs with the Drchrono Web-based health care platform.

The app’s features are intended to improve the ways in which doctors interact with patients. For example, physicians can use the app for scheduling appointments, writing e-prescriptions (which can be sent to any U.S. pharmacy), paperless billing, note taking, medical speech-to-text transcription, and drug interaction tests. X-rays, EKGs and lab results can be uploaded to the app, where they can be tagged and viewed later.

And as the makers of Drchrono point out, the app can go with the physician into the exam room. A Web app or non-Web-based computer software, on the other hand, requires the practitioner to be in front of a computer.

Records are updated in real time, and the app’s makers are constantly adding features. All the data storage is HIPAA-compliant, as well.

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