OpenEMR vs Drchrono – Free Electronic Medical Records

Don’t get me wrong, I love OpenEMR. I have used it in the past, it has its upsides … BUT OpenEMR is open source and not so well adopted. Running OpenEMR is a great solution if you have the time to pay a tech expert to set it up and keep it up and running. Just finding someone good enough to run it is a challenge, this is really something most doctors don’t want manage, it is a burden.

Not to mention as of late OpenEMR’s momentum is waning.

What we are doing at Drchrono is removing the burden, so you can focus on Healthcare. Using us you get the best of both worlds free, plus support. We have a dedicated team of engineers working to do upgrade after upgrade for every one of our users.

There are other options (like PatientOS, which isn’t very good) but if you are looking for a free mobile EMR Drchrono is the right choice.