A House Call in Haiti

After a long, productive day at clinic, we all traveled as a team of doctors to visit this young boy with cerebral palsy, who was unable to make it to our clinic. We had heard about him from another Haitian at clinic that day. He has difficulty walking long distances due to the deleterious effects of his motor disorder. Patients with cerebral palsy often have accompanying disturbances of sensation, cognition, communication, perception, and/or behavior. Sometimes, a seizure disorder is involved, as well.

We were able to treat his severe scabies, along with the rest of the family, and we were able to provide information to a neurologist from the US who made frequent medical visits to a village nearby. Our resources were limited to provide help to him, but we were happy to see him surrounded by such a loving and supportive family. We were happy to know a neurologist would do all he could to provide care for this patient that may not have otherwise received any form of care. The ability to document this encounter using drchrono’s iPad EHR for follow-up care, and to allow the neurologist to see our note through our EHR platform was something I personally felt proud of.

We wish this young boy all the best.