drchrono now offers a free iPad electronic health record solution to every healthcare provider!

As the CEO of drchrono, I’m proud of version 7.2 of the drchrono EHR because we have opened the flood gates and let every single user have free access to our platform! I believe that every single healthcare provider in the world has a right to the tools that will let them treat their patients better.

We have released drug-drug interaction testing to all of our users for free, so every user of our free iPad EHR product can now get realtime interaction warnings! My Father is currently taking over 20+ prescription and non-prescription drugs, so this feature has a deep personal meaning for me since I know these tools can really help doctors care for their patients better.

Even though we give away the base level of our EHR for free, we are still a professional service and we will never show you advertisements, or sell/rent you and your patient’s data to a third party. You, the healthcare provider, are our only customer! We generate all of our revenue by offering amazing upgrades like electronic prescribing and a complete electronic medical billing solution. Please try out our free iPad EHR today and let us know how we can help you care for your patients better.

Download Version 7.2 of the drchrono EHR here: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/drchrono-ehr/id369191782?mt=8


Michael Nusimow, CEO & Co-Founder drchrono