Preparing for Clinic

Wow…so much to say I know this blog won’t do any justice to the experience. Clinic starts tomorrow, and we’ve been hard at work with pill-counting, tabulating our inventory, and planning out the DrChrono data entry workflow. We’re all incredibly excited to see DrChrono in action!

We started the day by attending morning mass literally on the mountainside in a somewhat makeshift open air church with young women belting out beautiful sounds that echoed for miles it seemed across the mountains. It was especially humbling to see how happy and joyful they were given all the tragedy they have endured.

After church we relaxed for a few minutes and the Haitian children were gesturing with their hands and feet that they wanted to play soccer so we couldn’t help but to indulge them for a short while before starting to work.

Then, we got to work and I helped sort all of the medicine, lab testing equipment, surgical tools, etc., so that our clinic would run as efficiently as possible tomorrow. There are 20 of us, and everybody showed remarkable teamwork and eagerness to help.

The team talked throughout the day about the buzz of energy we all felt concerning the potential impact that DrChrono is going to have on health care delivery in Haiti. I cannot wait to see how our first day of clinic will be with the DrChrono platform. It’s going to be an overwhelmingly positive experience.

Coming in to the village of Camatin where we are right now was a crazy experience. We flew into Port-au-Prince and drove for nearly 4 hours to get to Camatin. It was a bumpy ride and to say the least it was unbelievable to see the tent cities. In some areas there were even tents on the medians in the road. Could you imagine living in a tent in the middle of a major road with cars whizzing by you as you try to sleep? Garbage was piled up nearly everywhere, and from what I’m told, the amount of garbage now compared to a year ago after the earthquake has been a huge improvement.

Well, I’m about to go help some more with pill-counting. We are giving three months worth (for example, high blood pressure) as the next clinic here is in April so that we can follow-up with DrChrono’s system and provide the best care that we can to these well-deserving Haitians!