First Day of Clinic Beyond Successful

Today we saw over 225 patients at our Camatin clinic. Dr. Joshua White from the Community Health Initiative stated, “I felt after clinic today like my dream of quality health care in Haiti had finally come true.” He finds this largely attributable to DrChrono’s willingness to provide their EHR free of charge to their non-profit organization.

I myself saw a large number of patients today while implementing the DrChrono platform. Everything from carbon monoxide poisoning to an incision and drainage of an infected abscess. We delivered breathing treatments to kids with bronchospasm, diagnosed a severe systolic murmur and arranged appropriate follow-up care, treated a child with severe pneumonia, to whom the seasoned ER physician remarked, “I honestly thought the child was going to die here today.” The teamwork was extraordinary as we each did all we possibly could to contribute.

DrChrono could not be happier to donate our robust medical records system to Worldwide Village’s Community Health Initiative and I’m honored to be here along side them as we transform health care delivery from poor to excellent as it relates to record keeping. It’s invigorating to see first hand how powerful an impact a good record system can be in such a underserved climate where it is so desperately needed.

I heard tonight from Dr. Joshua White that numerous EHR companies said no to him when he asked for their services, and one even remarked, “It can’t be done.”

Yeah, well….it can be done and DrChrono’s the EHR doing it!