Health 2.0 Conference iPad Winner

We had an interactive raffle at the Health 2.0 conference this Oct 2010 in San Francisco. Lots of people entered to win the free iPad 3G. It was amazing how much a fun game can take off and get people involved.

We gave out two cards with the same number to totally random people from our booth at the conference. The people with matching numbers had to find each other and then they both got to enter the raffle. This was a hard task since there were 1000’s of people at the conference.

A few hours after, Katelyn and Zsa Zsa gave away 100’s of raffle tickets, people started to tweet out their numbers, they then started to post up numbers on the walls and believe it or not someone created a website to post up the iPad raffle numbers to get matches.

This is the wall of number postings we found:

After the whole event, the conference founders Indu and Matthew drew the winner’s ticket from a bowl to see who got the free iPad 3G.

The lucky winner was a savvy Web 2.0 user who used the power of twitter to find his number match. Craig DeLarge tweeted out his number and found the person who had the same number as him. This is Craig’s twitter and his blog.