iTV Will Launch In September, and It Will Help Healthcare … through iTV EMR

Recently, Digg founder, Kevin Rose stated that iTV (the soon to be released upgrade to Apple TV) “will change everything”, and that we should expect the device’s release in September.

The rumor: Apple will be releasing a revamped/renamed version of their ‘Apple TV’ set-top box, called ‘iTV’. The box will run the Apple iOS (same as the iPhone/iPad), and be priced around $99.

I’m sure you are asking yourself, how in the world will iTV help healthcare? Well, it is simply one reason, iOS-based TV applications, simply put you can run your iTune apps though iTV. Imagine being able to view extremely high resolution images from iOS apps on the big screen? If a mobile iPad isn’t good enough for you and you need a bigger screen how does 52″ HD TV sound?

High resolution radiology images will look crystal clear, not to mention EKGs, sonograms, X-Rays … you get the idea.

Think about how the exam room can have an iTV hooked up so that the physician can show a patient all types of information, lab results, X-Rays, patient education videos all in real time.

Since iTV coming, the Dr. Chrono team is hard at work thinking of our we can use this new technology to enhance healthcare.