iPad EMR ePrescribing now available.

Doctors can prescribe drugs on an iPad! Patients can pick them up from any pharmacy. No paper involved.

Right now doctors are writing prescriptions on paper. This isn’t ideal. Paper gets lost, pharmacies might miss read hand writing and there are times when doctors aren’t aware of all of the drugs a patient is on, drug interactions are always a concern.

Imagine a future where there are no paper prescriptions, when there is no confusion on a doctors hand writing from a script and drug interaction issues are almost down to 0%. We are nearing that future with electronic prescription. On an iPad, a doctor has literally a pad that he can write a prescription within seconds and the patient can pick up the drugs from the pharmacy of choice. It is just that easy.

We are the first company to get eRx or electronic prescriptions on the iPad. Electronic prescription are a game changer in healthcare.

Below is a demo of eRx in action:


(As of Dec 2009, ~53k pharmacies which ~85% of all pharmacies in the US. are setup to get eprescriptions (eRx). SureScripts puts out an annual overview report of this.