DrChrono.com University: Meeting Meaningful Use 101, A Look at the Menu Set

Last time we reviewed the Core Set which comprised the 15 required essentials that the government must see you, as an Eligible Professional (EP), meaningfully use to qualify for the CMS incentive. This week, we will take a look at the Menu Set, which refers to 10 criteria. An EP must show meaningful use of at least 5 of these 10 criteria along with the 15 criteria of the Core Set to get their incentive.

The criteria are numbered, with the criteria themselves followed by a bulleted explanation of the measures that will be used to test the criteria.


  1. Implement drug formulary checks
  • Drug formulary check system is implemented and has access to at least one internal or external drug formulary for the entire reporting period
  1. Incorporate clinical laboratory test results into EHR’s as structured data
  • More than 40% of clinical laboratory test results whose results are in positive/negative or numerical format are incorporated into EHR’s as structured data
  1. Generate lists of patients by specific conditions to use for quality improvement, reduction of disparities, research, or outreach
  • Generate at least one listing of patients with a specific condition
  1. Use EHR technology to identify patient-specific education resources and provide those to the patient as appropriate
  • More than 10% of patients are provided patient-specific education resources
  1. Perform medication reconciliation between care settings
  • Medication reconciliation is performed for more than 50% of transitions of care
  1. Provide summary of care record for patients referred or transitioned to another provider or setting
  • Summary of care record is provided for more than 50% of patient transitions or referrals
  1. Submit electronic immunization data to immunization registries or immunization information systems
  • Perform at least one test of data submission and follow-up submission (where registries can accept electronic submissions)
  1. Submit electronic syndromic surveillance data to public health agencies
  • Perform at least one test of data submission and follow-up submission (where public health agencies can accept electronic submissions)
  1. Send reminders to patients (per patient preference) for preventive and follow-up care
  • More than 20% or patients 65 years of age or older or 5 years of age or younger are sent appropriate reminders
  1. Provide patients with timely electronic access to their health information (including laboratory results, problem list, medication lists, medication allergies)
  • More than 10% of patients are provided electronic access to information within 4 days of its being updated in the EHR

Next class we will go over what defines a provider as an “Eligible Professional”, and the initial steps an EP needs to take to move toward making their CMS incentive money a part of their wallet or purse.

DrChrono.com, and its mobile iPad/Android EMR platform are guaranteed to meet Meaningful Use Criteria.

It is the purpose of DrChrono.com University to keep you up to date with the latest information revolving around Meaningful Use so that all clinicians who utilize DrChrono.com’s iPad EHR will smoothly transition to a better, brighter, and patient-centered EHR system that will notably enhance the lives of practicioners and patients alike. The information posted on this blog is applicable only to Eligible Professionals, not Eligible Hospitals or Critical Access Hospitals. Stay tuned for weekly to biweekly updates.