DrChrono.com Featured on Pharma Marketing Talk Radio

Today, DrChrono.com Co-Founders Michael Nusimow and Daniel Kivatinos were guests on the radio blog show Pharma Marketing Talk. Host John Mack asked about how and why doctors are using the iPad in the exam room. Here are some highlights:

Eye contact. Michael noted that when a doctor makes eye contact with a patient, the patient reports greater satisfaction in the experience. Eye contact is also associated with better care results.

A complete solution. When asked about how the EMR fits in with DrChrono.com’s practice management, Michael assured that it is part of a complete solution, and informed John that not only is the app free to download, but all customers receive a complimentary iPad when they sign up for the service.

Saving lives. Many of the features of the DrChrono.com iPad EMR app are built not just around more effective and efficient doctor/patient interaction, but with the intention of reducing errors and saving lives. Among them, Michael noted, is the inclusion of photos for each patient appointment, so that doctors know that they are pulling up the right chart for the right patient. In addition, Michael revealed that the company is set to roll out a new electronic prescription feature. While the adoption rate of these programs remains low, said Michael, eRx is clinically proven to save lives but eliminating errors resulting from misinterpretation of handwritten prescriptions.

Opportunity for pharmaceutical marketing. Pointing out that the core target audience for his program is pharmaceutical marketing, he asked where lie the opportunities for this industry. Daniel responded opportunities abound, pointing to Apple’s iAds, which is touted as offering a really good user experience. These could display while the doctor is filling the prescription. Daniel called iAds a game changer, giving the user more control over the interaction with the ad in addition to being far less intrusive than tradition web advertising.

To hear the full interview, click here.